When we were chatting about what our weekend plans are in Listening and Speaking class, Lou told me he was going cycling. I didn't join his cycling last time, so I asked him to count me in. On Sunday there was only Lou, Madeline, and I at the meeting point. I doubted if everyone was destroyed by accounting class. However, we still had to continue our ride. Lou took us to New Grass Lake Creek Bike Path in Dali District. Th entire length is about 14km. We rode through a traditional market that was full of people. It was kind of scary that pedestrians suddenly step in front of you and start shopping. After we passed the traditional market, we kept riding down the road. A few minutes later, I found our group has become longer and longer. I also felt that my peddling had become heavier, so I started to worry if my tire was flat or not. Then, Lou stopped at a Family mart where we all decided to rest for a while. Madeline told me that we just rode over a gentle slope. No wonder I felt so tired. Lou also told us that we almost reached our destination, and there won't be any hills. I was so glad to hear that.

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