1/6 Perfect Strangers

Last Thursday, Madeline, Trista, Laura and I were supposed to go shopping in Yi Zhong street. Unfortunately, it was raining. We decided not to go shopping, so we wouldn't get wet. Instead of shopping, we chose to watch a movie, which was borrowed from the library. The movie we watched was 'Our Brand is Crisis.' The movie wasn't bad, but the ending wasn't a happy ending. We felt upset about the president who won the election, but he didn't keep his promise. On the same night, Freddy and Shenna also watched another movie, and they also thought the movie sucked. The next day, Freddy recommended another movie 'Perfect Strangers', that he had watched before, and guaranteed it was a good one. Alex searched for it's review on Rotten Tomatoes, and found it ranked 83. The story was about how mobile phones influences our lives. There was a line ' The mobile phone is just like our black boxes, it records all our lives and secrets,' which I totally agree with. Another special point about this movie was 80% of the scenes were in the same apartment, and the audience wouldn't get bored. The movie turned out to be good and thought-provoking. Just like the character said: " We shouldn't treat private texts and phone calls as a joke and show them to public."


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