12/11 Murder on the Orient Express


       Last Saturday, parts of our classmates had a whole day course, and after the course, Shenna and I decided to go for a movie. Shenna heard that the film 'Murder on the Orient Express' had great scenery. The story started in Jerusalem which has appeared in BBC headlines recently. Hercule Poirot was a well-known detective in the world, and he was invited to solve the crime of the missing holy relics. After he found out who the criminal was, he wanted to continue his holiday. However, there was a request from London asking him to go back to solve another crime. So, he had to get back to London by the Orient Express, and while he was changing trains, he met his old friend, Bouc, in Istanbul. Luckily, Bouc was the boss of the Orient Express, so he helped Hercule to get a seat on the train. However, the trip on the train didn't go smoothly. They were travelling in a snowstorm, and there was a snowslide that caused the train to run out of its tracks. Even worse, there was a murder that happened on the same night. Bouc had no choice but to ask Hercule to find out who the murderer was, otherwise the police might have assumed one of the passengers was the criminal because he was black. After watching this film, I think it was a good film, and I was amused by the great scenery and the suspenseful plot. But, Shenna didn't think so. Perhaps it's only because there wasn't a romantic plot in the story.


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