12/2  The benefit living in cities

    Having more job opportunities is the most obvious benefit of living in a city. It's true that everyone needs to work for a living, but living in a city will surely give you more flexible choices. Moreover, more medium to larger companies tend to set up their offices or headquarters in main cities, so you can ask for a higher salary there. In contrast, small towns may not have job vacancies suitable for your major or expertise. You might face some difficulties to work in your ideal industry. For example, technology or science- related jobs are rarely seen in rural towns.

     Secondly, there is no doubt that big cities have more complete infrastructures. Take commuting for instance, you'll have transportation options, such as buses, subways, even taxis. They are built in a better network, which makes it easier to let you move around. Furthermore, having more complete internet penetration is another advantage of living in a big city. You never want to wait 30 minutes for a youtube video to download, but it might happen if you were living in a small town. In addition, it's faster when it comes to delivery. It may take 2 days to receive a package living in Penghu, but it only takes 6 hours in Taipei. 

     Finally, big cities can offer a better health care system than small towns. There are many options in a big city if you are under the weather. If it's only a small cold, you may end up going to a clinic or pharmacy at the corner of our neighborhood. However, if it turns out to be a more serious disease, you may go to a national hospital, where you can have access to the best healthcare. Moreover, if you have a terrible accident, it's easier to find an emergency room in large cities. Meanwhile, you may suffer from changing hospitals in a small town, and it also may cause a delay of rescue.



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