10/17 The Pianist



        Elaine introduced a novel called 'The Pianist' to us during our reading circle last term. Shenna and I were so interested that we borrowed the movie from the library. The movie is about a story that happened during World War Two. The main character, Wladystaw Szpilman, was a well-known Jewish Polish pianist, and he had a tough time through the wartime. First, the Nazi government took away their properties and forced them to move to the ghetto. Finally, most of the Jews were gathered and sent away. However, Szpilman was fortunately saved by one of his friends, who was a Jewish policeman. He was alive, but unfortunately, he still had to suffer from Nazis. Luckily, there were still some Poles who helped him to escape from the ghetto. He started to hide from the secret police. While we were watching the movie, we felt sad and worried for Szpilman. However, we had already been told the final plot. For the whole movie, we were waiting for the most important character. The character didn't show up until the very last 20 minutes. In the end, we thought that we were misled by Elaine's story, which the movie is very far from what we expected. It was still a great movie.

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