Last term, some of my classmates went hiking on Mt. Da Keng, while I went back to Taipei. After that week I told Shenna, "Let's go to Mt. Da Keng together next Saturday!" However, all of our following Saturdays were full of makeup classes. So, we couldn't fulfill our promise last term. I finally went to Mt. Da Keng last Saturday with Lou, Madeline, Tommy, and Author. Since I hadn't been hiking for years, we chose the easiest level. When we arrived at the entrance, the number ten path had been blocked; therefore, we had to choose the number nine path instead. It was a very hot sunny day with no wind, and the road which has less shade is quite wide. I felt like I was on fire, and I was too tired to talk. When we almost reached the end of the path, there was a small truck selling aiyu. Then, I bought a cup from them, which made me feel relaxed.

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