Last Friday night, Laura, Trista and I were going to watch the about Coco Chanel. However, Laura said she was afraid if she watched a biography, she will fall asleep. Then, Freddy just recommended us to watch the file ' Nocturnal Animals'. The story started with Susan, the main female character, receiving a novel written by her ex-husband, Edward. Susan didn't have a good relationship with her current husband. Even worse, she often suffered from insomnia. So, she decided to read the novel while she couldn't sleep. The movie combined three different times which were Susan's current life;the story of the novel and Susan's memories with Edward. While Susan read the novel, she was reminded of the time that she had been through with Edward. So, she made the decision to accept Edward's request. Edward sent an e-mail to Susan asking to get back together. Susan showed up at the restaurant, but Edward never showed up.


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